Second-year PhD student in the CS Theory group at CU Boulder, advised by Dr. Rafael Frongillo and Dr. Bo Waggoner. My primary research interests are in Theoretical Machine Learning and Computational Economics. Since starting PhD, I have conducted research in the areas of Elicitation, Loss Function Design, and Selective Classification.

Although starting my journey as a PhD student in a theory group, I previously worked in an applied role as an ML Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory within an Edge Computing group. Performed RD for a variety of ML tasks specialized for use over an edge network such as model monitoring (out of distribution detection, outlier detection and active learning, interpretability), model optimization (quantization), and ML application development, mostly in the domains of audio and image processing.

Beyond PhD, I currently work on the side as an ML Engineer for the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago. Within my role, I primarily develop models to identify different potential risk factors within the banking sector and NLP solutions to assist with the examination process of banks.

Skills and Strengths

  • Python
  • ML Ops
  • Tensorflow
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Amazing taste in coffee


Email: ennu6440@colorado.edu